How to Select the Best Cordless Vacuum for Your Home?

The first thing you will want to factor into your decision is price. As mentioned above, there is a great range in prices from the most affordable hand-held models to upright or stick vacuums that are also cordless. Once you have determined your price range, then it will be a good idea to evaluate how and where you will be using it. If you are planning on using your cordless vacuum cleaner only as a car vacuum, then you certainly don’t want an upright.

On the other hand, if you will be using this product as a lighter, quieter alternative to a traditional vacuum cleaner, than investing in a more expensive upright might be a better idea. There are also some models that will allow you to remove the upright aspect altogether, making it more of a convertible product.

You should also consider what exactly you will be vacuuming up. If you have a cat and will be using it to pick up both cat hair and kitty litter, then you will want one that is very powerful. On the other hand, if you have plans to use it to pick up liquid spills, then make sure you buy one that is “wet/dry.” These often cost more but allow you more flexibility when it comes to picking up spills.


How to Save Money on Cordless Vacuum Cleaners?

There is no doubt that vacuum cleaners can be expensive, especially considering the fact that you really don’t want to use them at all. Therefore, it is worth the time to shop around to find a model that is right for your needs and also fits in your budget.

One way that you can get a good buy on a cordless vacuum cleaner is to stay away from the local vacuum or department store! They don’t sell a lot of vacuum cleaners and the ones they do sell are sold at full price. You will always get a much better deal when you buy online.

You should also take a good look at each brand’s models. Many of the larger brands are known to bring out a new model every year, and you can save a lot of money by buying last year’s model. Just be sure that you read the reviews first to determine if there were any problems with the model in question.

One factor to consider when it comes to value is the warranty. Ideally, you should get a full one-year warranty on everything, but that is not always the case. Some of the major manufacturers such as Hoover, Miele, Dyson, and Black & Decker will offer up to two years of full warranty with up to six years of warranty on the motor.


What Should You Expect From Your Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

If you are expecting that your cordless device will be as strong and sturdy as your traditional vacuum, then you might be disappointed. Especially if you are buying one at the lower end of the price range, then you might be very disappointed by how poorly it picks up debris.

One mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that the only difference between a cordless and a corded vacuum is the cord, and it’s not. The motor and the power of a cordless vacuum will never match the power of a corded one, and that results in far less power to pick up debris. As long as you understand that going in, you will have realistic expectations of the product.

However, keep in mind that generally speaking, the more you pay for your cordless vacuum cleaner, the more powerful the motor and the longer the battery will last.