The Best Dyson Canister Vacuum Reviews

There is absolutely no doubt that Dyson is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative vacuum cleaners. First, they revolutionized the industry with the Dyson ball. Now, they’re one of the market leaders when it comes to canister vacuums. And these are the best they have to offer in that category:

Dyson DC39 Ball Multi Floor Canister Vacuum

The Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor is a flagship product in its own regard, but as is usual with Dyson vacuums, it has a lot to live up to given its price tag. This vacuum has garnered attention due to its new “Radial Root Cyclone” technology, which Dyson says makes the vacuum more likely to pick up microscopic dirt particles. It’s also the first Dyson canister model to include its famous ball design and the company claims this gives the machine a lower center of gravity and greater user control.

  • Dyson Ball Multi-floor Canister is identical to the DC39 Origin Canister. Dyson has updated the product name but not made changes to the product itself.
  • Turns on a dime – the only canister vacuum with a central steering mechanism
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology
  • Captures more dirt than any other cyclone
  • Dyson cyclone technology captures more dirt and microscopic dust than any other. With no loss of suction.

Dyson DC39 Ball Multi Floor Canister VacuumThe Dyson DC39 is the best-known small canister vacuum made by Dyson, but it’s still powerful enough to leave even a cream carpet clean. If you’re switching to this from an older model you’ll really notice the difference, the suction is brilliant. The impressive suction can be attributed to the Dyson DC39’s use of Radial Root Cyclone technology. This technology spins the air at amazing speed and creates high centrifugal forces that fling dust, debris and hairs inside the dustbin of the unit allowing only cleaner air to move out. Fine particles do not block the airflow making it impossible to lose suction. Even though most of the Dyson cleaners have this incorporated. The DC39 has reconfigured air channel and enhanced flow efficiency, which help to preserve air pressure and bring down turbulence. The inner cyclones are able to trap and retain particles that are microscopic. And the airflow remains free of dust and allergens.

Dyson makes its name through the use of many unique and industry-defining features. To start, this canister vacuum makes use of the trademarked Trigger-head tool, an air-driven rotating brush bar that can easily be turned on and off depending on the floor surface being cleaned. You can turn off the brush bar from the handle for delicate rugs and bare floors. It also comes with two cleaning tools, a pet hair brush and crevice tool, that can be attached to the extension wand after unhooking the nozzle head. The ergonomic handle and wand allow you to reach for stairs, drapes, upholstery, and more.

This canister vacuum features a central steering mechanism which makes navigating it around obstacles easy and minimizes knocks. The vacuum’s ball houses most of its main components including the motor. This lowers the unit’s center of gravity making it more stable even on stairs where toppling is very likely on wheeled vacuums. The flexible wand permits significant vacuuming coverage without the consistent dependence on power outlets in near proximity. This comes in handy when you’re vacuuming surfaces like a stairwell where you only have to plug the unit onto a single power outlet to get the job done.

The DC39 Multi-Floor comes with an impressive 5-year warranty that protects against most major defects as well as standard wear and tear. However, should you provide regular maintenance in cleaning and replacing filters, you will doubtless never need to use the warranty and the device will last for many more years.


Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum

The Dyson DC39 Animal is a specialized version of Dyson’s wildly popular canister vacuums, this one being specially outfitted for dealing with pet hair and dander. It contains a multi-tiered filtration system for capturing allergens and expelling cleaner air, combined with the many unique and industry-defining features expected of a Dyson vacuum. If you’re a pet lover, you’ll want to get this device due to how well it cleans all surfaces.

  • Dyson cyclone technology captures more dirt and mircoscopic dust than any other with no loss of suction
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology- airflows remodeled to maximize suction power
  • Turns on a dime for greater control
  • Triggerhead tool- the only turbine head controlled at the handle means no bending down to adjust from carpets to hard floors
  • 5 Year Warranty- parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson for 5 years

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister VacuumThe DC39 Animal has Dyson’s ball wheel technology and comes supplied with a range of tools that should make it ideal for picking up pet hairs from every nook and cranny in the home. There’s a suction-release button conveniently located on the handle, and the dust bin’s undergone a redesign, too. It can now be emptied more hygienically with a single button press, and comes with a concealed mini-brush to help clean out the worst grime. The wand sits neatly on the main body for temporary storage.

Below you can compare the DC39 Animal and the Multi-Floor:

Dyson DC39 Multi Floor VS Animal
Vacuum: DC39 Multi-Floor Dyson DC39 Animal
Color: Iron/Yellow Iron/Purple
Type: Canister Canister
Movement type: Ball Technology Ball Technology
Warranty: 5 Year Warranty 5 Year Warranty
Specifications and Features:
Brushbar control type: Controlled at the handle. Controlled at the handle.
Weight: 22.9 pounds 22.9 pounds
Product Dimensions(H x D x W): 14.2 x 10.2 x 19.5 inches 14.2 x 10.2 x 19.5 inches
Tools / Accessories: Stair tool, Combination accessory tool, Trigger-head floor tool Stair tool, Combination accessory tool, Mini turbine head, Trigger-head floor tool
Suction Power:
Power Cord Length: 21.3 ft 21.3 ft
Power Rating: 275 Air Watts 275 Air Watts
Filter: HEPA filter HEPA filter
Dirt Collection:
Bag Type: Bagless Bagless
Bin Capacity: 0.53 gallons 0.53 gallons
  • Radial Root Cyclone technology – Patented Dyson technology that improves suction power and traps more dirt.
  • Ball technology and central steering system mechanism for easy control.
  • Adjustable wand for high reach cleaning.

As you can see, the two canister vacuums are almost the same except for the color, the price and the mini turbine head that comes with the DC39 Animal. The turbine head is what pet owners in particular will find most useful. it has a large rotating brush bar fitted with both stiff bristles and soft fiber filaments. The stiff bristles are ideal for cleaning carpets while the soft fibers gently lift dirt from hard floors without simply throwing particles out in front of the brush.