What to Expect from Miele Vacuum Cleaners?

Whenever consumers go out looking for high quality vacuum cleaners, the premium Miele vacuum cleaner is amongst the first choice for most buyers. The German made Miele brand offers a range of well designed vacuum cleaners that are packed with features and innovative technology.

For a Miele canister vacuum, the high end models would go for above $1000, although most models range between $300 and $650.  However, before forking out any cash to buy one of the many Miele vacuum cleaners, it would be good to know some of the accessories as well as features that these home cleaning appliances come with.


Miele Vacuum Bag

Miele vacuum bagsA typical Miele vacuum cleaner comes with a disposable dust bag. Miele vacuum bags are designed for ultra filtration and dust absorption in order to maintain hygiene and safety. In fact, Miele vacuum bags retain more fine dust and particulate matter than most conventional dust bags.

The bags are made from a superior fleece material which is bound together in 9 layers. This means that allergens and other dirt sucked out of your carpet will remain in the bag thus keeping family members, guests and pets that come into contact with your carpet safe and healthy. Unlike other vacuum cleaning models, miele vacuum filter bags are also quite easy to fit.

Since there are different Miele vacuum cleaner types and models, it is important to know how to choose dust bags that are suited for your particular vacuum cleaner. Miele vacuum bags come with a connection port that is attached to the filtration system and this depends on your vacuum cleaner design. You can tell that you have chosen the wrong Miele vacuum bags when the connection port on one of the bags fails to fit on the filtration nozzle on your suction system.

However, if you find it hard to differentiate the different types of Miele vacuum bags, there is no need to worry since the latest models come with color coded bags that go together with the color of your vacuum cleaner.


Miele Vacuum Features

Miele canister vacuumApart from superior dirty bags, Miele vacuum cleaners blend both functionality and cutting edge technology to make your carpet and upholstery cleaning a breeze. Although the list of features for each model differs, one common aspect about most Miele vacuum cleaning equipment is the ease of operation.

Power suction is easily control with a simple combination of + and – buttons on the handle plus the hose is long enough to the point where you can vacuum while standing. Other vacuum cleaners can be stressing since one has to bend while doing the cleaning, but Miele vacuum cleaners address this issue.

In fact, the S5 series come with a retracting wand that which allows you to adjust the suction tube according your height. In addition, ergonomic features have been incorporated in the handle design to increase comfort and reduce repetitive strain injuries.

Most Miele vacuums come with many on-board tools. The various attached accessories can make your cleaning faster and easier. You will have more time to do your other jobs with the help of the Miele cleaners.

You also can expect a long term warranty of 7 years from Miele canister vacuum. This can definitely save your money in case the vacuum is having problems. They several series and range of models is definitely can fit your selection and cleaning needs.



The good thing about Miele vacuum cleaners is that there are many places to purchase these home cleaning appliances on the internet. You can find different Miele vacuum cleaning models on reputed online stores like e-bay and Amazon.

However, make sure to purchase your vacuum cleaner on the official Miele website in order to purchase original Miele vacuum bags, accessories and products. On the main website, accessories meant for the cylindrical vacuum cleaner are separated from those made for the upright Miele vacuum cleaning units. This makes it easy to know which accessories are meant for any desired model.